Concussions: The Latest Information to Recover Faster

Jan 19, 2017
By Dr. Josh Bross

By Dr. Stephen Knoyer, DC, CCSP Concussions have been a hot topic for the past couple of years in both professional and recreational sports. The information about management and treatment are in transition. There are people still stating old information about what to do if you have a concussion. Hopefully I can share some information […]

Shave a few seconds off your personal best!

By Dr. Josh Bross

By Jay Patel, Speed and Explosion Specialist Keeping proper form after a long swim or a bike ride while in a triathlon is difficult to maintain.  Biomechanical changes in the hips, knees and ankles can occur and leads to a slower finish to any race. Keeping a perfect stride will take seconds, even minutes off […]