Stretching…What Do I Need to Know?

Dec 11, 2016
By Dr. Josh Bross

By Stephen Knoyer, DC, CCSP As I sports chiropractor, I am often asked what types of stretches are the best to do, how long should the stretch be performed, and how often should they be done? Before we get into the benefits of stretching, let’s first quickly mention the possible benefit of not stretching.  The […]

The Key to Strong Wrists

Dec 6, 2016
By Dr. Josh Bross

By Jay Patel, Speed and Explosion Specialist Computers, laptops, cellphones, and tablets; what do all these devices have in common?  They all require us to use our hands and wrists.  Typing scrolling, texting, holding/gripping a tablet/cellphone all requires us to use our hands.  When we train or exercise often the wrists are often left out […]